COLAPSO - EP. Released on Metaphysik in vinyl and digital. 2022

PANTERA - Album. Released on Nervu. 2021

MARGINAIS - EP. Released on Gooiland Elektro/Enfant Terrible in vinyl and digital. 2019

SURVIVALISMO - Album. Released on Kvitnu in CD and digital. 2018

ATONIA - Split release with vÄäristymä. Released on Nervu in cassette and digital. 2018

LIT - EP, split release with Merovee. Released on Less is Techno in vinyl and digital. 2017

CURA - Album. Released on Kvitnu in CD and digital. 2016

LAVA - Released on Ordinária in cassette (sold out) and digital. 2016

ZONA NERVO - Released on Third Type Tapes in cassette (sold out) and digital. 2015

ZEBU - EP. Released on Metaphysik in vinyl and digital. 2014

RISCOS - Cassette and digital, released on Silvox Recordings. 2014

NEOPHOBIA - Album. Released on Kvitnu in vinyl (sold out) and digital. 2013

LUZ - Collaboration with Kotra, released on Kvitnu in CD (sold out) and digital. 2012

RAIA - Album. Self-released in a limited CD edition (sold out) and digital. 2012

PRAGA - Album. Released on Kvitnu in CD (sold out) and digital. 2011

COLERA - EP. Released on Kvitnu in CD (sold out) and digital. 2011

PESTE - EP. Released on Kvitnu in CD (sold out) and digital. 2010

PIRANHA - Album. Released on Kvitnu in CD (sold out) and digital. 2009



LASSO - video for the track "Lasso". 2022

NERU - video for the track "Neru". 2022

ASMA - video for the track "Asma". 2021

IMPÉRIO - video for the track "Império". 2021

ONE CAN | МОЖНО - a performance dance video with music by Sturqen. 2020

UNTRANSLATABLE MUSIC - compilation released by The Spiritual Triangles in cassette and digital. 2019

LIVE AT FESTIVAL EXQUISITO - collaboration between Sturqen and MMMOOONNNOOO. Released on Nervu. 2019

TECHNO SCENE - mix for Techno Scene Podcast. 2019

TORSO - video by Susana Soares Pinto for the track "Torso". 2018

NERVOS - video by Susana Soares Pinto for the track "Nervos". 2018

ADAGA - video for the track "Adaga". 2018

TEARS FOR FEARS - "Kezi" included in Tears For Fears, a compilation released by SOIL in cassette and digital. 2018

ZONA INCERTA - audio installation in Painel gallery, Porto, 2018

HAMARTIA - mix for Technologie und das Unheimliche, a Berlin/Budapest/Leipzig based movement. 2017

INTERRUPTOR - soundtrack for INTERRUPTOR, a performance by Hugo de Almeida Pinho for Orbital Art Fest. 2017

DISASTER ZONE - soundtrack for DISASTER ZONE, a video made by Susana Soares Pinto, 2017

VAKUO - ongoing collection of pieces with music by STURQEN and video by Nicole Tsangaris. 2017

FABRICAÇÃO - sound piece for Viseu Rural 2.0 - Sonic Explorations of a Rural Archive (honorable mention). 2016

FOBOS - video for the track "Fobos", 2016

PASSAROS - video for the track "Passaros". 2016

REPLICANTS - "Cota" included in Replicants, a compilation by Inner Surface Music released on vinyl and digital. 2015

KANTES - EP with A Thousand Details, Orphx and Casual Violence, vinyl and digital, released on Reaktivate. 2015

IRONIA PARESIA - sound piece for Mirage Festival and LYL Radio, Lyon, France. 2015

FROM RITUAL TO ROMANCE - "Hirito" included on From Ritual to Romance, a compilation by EDP, 2015

DIE ELEKTRISCHEN VORSPIELE - interview for the site DEV (portuguese version here), 2014

DENOITE - video by Nicole Tsangaris for the track "Denoite". 2014

IUGERI SONUS IV - "Motim" included on Iugeri Sonus IV, a compilation by Acre Recordings. 2014

SECRET THIRTEEN - mix for the site Secret Thirteen. 2014

JUGGER - video for the track "Jugger", 2013

SEEK SICK SOUND - mix for the site Seek Sick Sound. 2013

TOXINAS - video for the track "Toxinas". 2013

CONCEPTO RADIO MIX - mix for the site Concepto Radio. 2012

MEETING STURQEN - interview for the site Concepto Radio (english version at the bottom). 2012

ACOUSMATICS/MATHEMATICS - a concert specially recorded for Acousmatics/Mathematics podcast. 2012

PROCESS PART 318 - mix for the Modyfier podcast. 2012

SECTIONED V3.0 - "Vega" included on Sectioned v3.0, a compilation by Section 27. 2012

DOUBLE CONNECTION - remix of Plaster´s track "Double Connection", released on Kvitnu on CD (sold out). 2012

WALTZ - video by Tenpoint for the track "Waltz". 2012

COMA - sound piece for Radio Arts Space FM: radio frequencies in art contexts, Slovenia. 2011

SKETCHPAD - mix for Transmission Arts radio show. 2011

SONEST - sound piece for Soundwaves, a music festival in Brighton, UK. 2011

TRAX MAGAZINE - article on Trax Magazine, June 2011

FORADIUS - sound piece for Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, USA. 2011

QWARTZ MUSIC AWARDS 2011 - Sturqen won 2 awards, "Artist" and "Discovery", Paris, France. 2011

PERTAL - video for the track "Pertal". 2011

COERENCIA - sound piece for Radio Futura, an event from Future Places Festival, Portugal. 2010

MANTIS 067 - RABID GRAVY + STURQEN - mix for Mantis Radio. 2010

RGE MINCE - remix track for Kotra's album "Revolt", released on Kvitnu on CD (sold out). 2010

RADIO INOCULATION - sound piece for RadiaLx 2010, an international radio art festival, Portugal. 2010



LOVE HATE & FAVELA DISCOS, Avenida Café-Concerto, Aveiro, 2021

NOITE CRÓNICA, Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2019

LETSCHEBACH, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2018

FESTIVAL EXQUISITO, a collaboration with MMMOOONNNOOO, Lisbon, 2018

ZARATAN, Lisbon, 2018 (video here)

PASSOS MANUEL, Porto, 2018 (video here)


LIBERDADE GOURMET, Café au Lait, Porto, 2017 (video here)

NATAL DOS EXPERIMENTAIS, Passos Manuel, Porto, 2016 (video here)

CASA DA MÚSICA, Porto, 2016

SERRALVES EM FESTA, Serralves, Porto, 2016 (video here)

ORDINÁRIA, Sonoscopia, Porto, 2016


ALMA EM FORMOL, Porto, 2015

PASSOS MANUEL, Porto, 2015

ANDRÓMEDA SCAENA PRIMA, Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2015

CARNAVAL FBAUP, Faculdade de Belas-Artes, Porto, 2015

UNDERSTAGE, Teatro Rivoli, Porto, 2015 (video here)

BEATZ MARKET, Armazém do Chá, Porto, 2014

TIME LAPSE PORTO, Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2014 (video here)

FESTIVAL RESCALDO, Culturgest, Lisbon, 2014 (video here)

BIENAL DE CERVEIRA, Vila Nova de Cerveira, 2013

LES SIESTES ELECTRONIQUES, Toulouse, France, 2013 (video here)

1ª AVENIDA, Edifício Axa, Porto, 2013 (video here)



PHONO FESTIVAL, Odense, Denmark, 2012

ACOUSMATICS/MATHEMATICS, Matéria Prima, Porto, 2012 (available here)

AISCA, Viana do Castelo, 2012

KVITNU FEST, Kiev, Ukraine, 2011 (video here)

FESTIVAL UM, Passos Manuel, Porto, 2011

VIDEO HOME SYSTEM, Espaço Nimas, Lisbon, 2011

PIOLHO, Porto, 2011

MOAGEM, Fundão, 2011

FESTIVAL UM, Dublin, Ireland, 2011

CLUB, Vila Real, 2011 (video here)


CASA VIVA, Porto, 2011 (video here)

TOCA NO GALINHEIRO, Toca, Porto, 2010 (video here)


TOCA NO BICHO, Toca, Porto, 2010

MAUS HÁBITOS, Porto, 2010